It doesn’t matter if you are trying to revamp an old or start a new business, you will need a reliable and responsive website for your business. If you’re thinking of manually creating a website for your business then you might be at a big risk. So what should you do? Hire a website design Company, instead?

Well, you can do that. But, it’s better that you go into the cost details of hiring a web developer/designer. The cost varies every year and you must stay updated about it if you are thinking of consulting a web designing service provider or an independent web designer. If you are also looking to hire one and look for costs, then you are at the right spot. Let us now move further to highlight the important aspects.

What is the Cost of Web Designing Services in Pune?

Since web designing is in demand and businesses are adopting it for their increased revenues, its costs always keep on altering. If we talk about it on average, then it takes around $200 (Rs. 15,000) to build a website and a 1 Year maintenance free it.

How Much Should You Pay For a Professional Web Design Service?

With having a proper estimate for a professional web design service, you can build a cost-effective solution for your company or organization. This way you can know the exact amount that you will need to spend on your professional web design. To know the accurate costs of a professional website, it’s better to divide the website into three categories. These are:

  1. Basic web design
  2. Intermediate web design
  3. Advanced web design

Let us now look at them in a little detail.

  1. Basic web design- The basic design accounts for costs of between $100 to $ 140 (Rs. 7500 To 10,000) It is a simple yet quite powerful website design that can do great for your business. With a basic web design, you can create a website that can work and suit your business’s brand and goals. This design can be the most effective when it comes to startups and small-scale businesses. Having said that, you can expect a user-friendly, credible, and reliable website that can initiate purchases, phone calls, quote requests, and much more.
  2. Intermediate web design- An intermediate web design can cost in between $150 to $ 4,00 (Rs 12,000 To 30,000). With this design, you can expect a well-designed and outcome-oriented website that further has additional features like CMS(Content Management System) or copywriting to meet the company’s needs and goals. An intermediate web design proves out to be the ideal solution for the small-to-midsize business enterprise. You can also bring into use other critical digital marketing solutions into your business with this design for instance- a CMS will help in publishing content that supports content marketing strategy.
  3. Advanced web design- An advanced website design costs in between $530 to $1,300 (Rs. 40,000 To 1,00,000 above). With this, you can expect a customized and cutting-edge website. In addition, you can have plenty of other features like eCommerce functionality, database integration, and more. It will also help you in maximizing your conversion rates and return on investment(ROI) which is crucial in today’s competitive market. In the end, the size of your organization determines your website cost.

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