Improving Online Visibility and Search Engine Rankings for PawnaTent


This case study outlines the SEO strategy and results achieved for, a company offering patented luxury tents in Lonavala, India. Our goal was to increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings for key industry terms, thereby driving more inquiries and bookings.

Background: specializes in providing luxury tent experiences for customers seeking a unique getaway. Prior to our engagement, the website faced challenges such as low organic traffic, suboptimal search engine rankings, and difficulty reaching potential customers online. Our team was brought in to develop and execute an SEO strategy that would enhance the site’s visibility and attract more visitors interested in luxury camping experiences.


Our objectives for this project were:

  • Increase organic traffic to by 300% over a period of six months.
  • Improve search engine rankings for targeted keywords such as “pawana tents”,“ Pawna Lake Camping”
  • Enhance the user experience by optimizing content and technical aspects of the site.

To achieve these objectives, we implemented the following strategies:

Result Success

The Results After implementing our comprehensive SEO strategy, Santek saw remarkable improvements in their online visibility and organic traffic:

Organic Traffic: Increased by 300% over six months, exceeding our initial target.

Search Engine Rankings: Achieved page 1 rankings for key terms such as " pawna lake camping ".

Conversions: Booking inquiries and reservations increased by 120%, resulting in higher revenue.

Increased brand awareness and established themselves as a trusted authority in the crane manufacturing industry, both locally and globally.

Our work with demonstrates the impact of a comprehensive SEO strategy on a niche business. By focusing on optimizing content, improving technical aspects, and building quality backlinks, we significantly increased organic traffic and search engine visibility. These results translated into more inquiries, bookings, and overall business growth for